“Page Wasson is a gifted healer. Her Shiatsu sessions have relieved my muscle aches and pains, cleared my sinus pressure, and simultaneously calmed and energized my spirit. Page is a compassionate and down-to-earth person who brings both a solid foundation in Shiatsu theory and years of expertise to her practice. Her space is a light-filled, cheerful room where anyone would feel comfortable and welcomed.”

Karen F., ESL teacher

“Page is always responsive to any new ache or pain I develop and I leave her treatments feeling renewed and strengthened. She really helped me heal after I had surgery - relieving pain, increasing my range of motion and boosting my spirits. ”

Beth T., Educator

“During our sessions, Page always makes me feel that my well-being is the most important thing to her. Her focus on caring helps me heal.”

George T., Software Engineer

“Page is terrific! She is always in tune with what my body needs. I view my regular visits to her as ongoing preventive medicine. I no longer have pain in my neck or back and rarely get sick.”

Jane A., Psychologist

“I have been a client of Page’s for over twelve years. Her expertise and healing hands have worked small wonders on the aches and pains of a gardener’s life. I highly recommend her.”

Robin W., Garden Consultant

“Page Wasson is a gentle Shiatsu practitioner. By the end of each session my body and spirit get to the “Ahh” moment – “that's the way my body is supposed to feel”. I retain the peace Page brings to my tired, run down, tense and overworked body. It's an invitation to return to the naturally relaxed person I like to be. ”

Judy B., Social Worker

“As a person who has suffered with chronic pain for over 25 years, I have tried many different types of bodywork and many practitioners. I can highly, highly recommend Page. She works gently and very intuitively, listening and responding to the needs of my body. I trust her entirely and often fall asleep while she carefully works points down my spine relieving pressure and pain. She is a very gifted healer. I appreciate her centered and calm presence and her respectful, nurturing nature.”

Kim D., Artist